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WUNG MUJCHA Resort House and Condominium PDF Print E-mail

Building Area 22,000 sqm. with 2  Blocks of Superior Condominium 6 storey 8 Superior Pool Villas at Hua Hin Seaside, Prajuabkirikun, Thailand.

Sukhothai Resident-Condominium PDF Print E-mail

Top Highest Luxury Condominium in Thailand at Sathorn Road, Bangkok Province, Thailand.

MITSUBISHI Poly Cabonate Plant PDF Print E-mail

14,000m2 total areas of MITSUBISHI's Poly Cabonate Plant at Rayong Province, Thailand.

MMC COPPER TUBE Plant PDF Print E-mail

25,000m2 total areas of MMC Copper Tube (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.'s Plant at Rayong Province, Thailand.

METCO Plant PDF Print E-mail

7,000m2 total areas of METCO's Plant at Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.

PB Pipe's Plant PDF Print E-mail

4,500m2 total areas of PB Pipe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.'s Plant at Prajinburi Province, Thailand.

SAA Plant PDF Print E-mail

1,200m2 total areas of Siam Angro Alloy Co.,Ltd.'s Plant at Cholburi Province, Thailand.

ICC Plant PDF Print E-mail

15,000m2 total areas of ICC Co.,Ltd.'s Plant at Cholburi Province, Thailand.

TS Plant PDF Print E-mail

4,300m2 total areas of Thai Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd.'s Plant at Laemchabung, Cholburi Province, Thailand.

IWAKI Glass Factory PDF Print E-mail

8,000m2 total areas of Iwaki Glass Co.,Ltd.'s Glass Factory at Bang Prakong, Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.

TAG No.2 Plant PDF Print E-mail

60,000m2  total areas of Thai Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd.'s No.2 Plant at Rayong Province, Thailand.

TSG Plant PDF Print E-mail

60,00m2  total areas of Thai Safety Glass Co.,Ltd.'s Plant at Bang Prakong, Samut Prakarn Province, Thailand.

AKT 304 PLANT PDF Print E-mail

20,900m2 total areas of Asahi Komag (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. AKT 304 Plant at Prajinburi Province, Thailand.

AJINOMOTO Delivery Center PDF Print E-mail

6,000m2 total areas of AJINOMOTO Delivery Center at Ayudhaya Province, Thailand.

SIAM WIRE NETTING Factory PDF Print E-mail

4,800m2 total areas of Siam Wire Netting Co.,Ltd.'s Factory in year 1992 at Lumpoon Province, Thailand.

GAJAPURI Resort & Spa PDF Print E-mail

4,000m2  total areas of resort & spa at Kho Chang, Trad Province, Thailand.

Phuket Resort PDF Print E-mail

INDORAMA ClubHouse PDF Print E-mail

2,500m2 total areas of club-house at Lopburi Province, Thailand.

UI"S Memorial Building PDF Print E-mail

60m2 total areas of UI"S Memorial Building in year 2000 at Nontaburi Province, Thailand.

SUZUKI Showroom PDF Print E-mail

2,000m2 total areas of SUZUKI Showroom at Pratumtani Province, Thailand.

UM Coffee Shop PDF Print E-mail

70m2 total areas of UM Coffee Shop in year 2005 at Bangkok Province, Thailand.

Hotel in China PDF Print E-mail

in 1997 at China.

CTW Office PDF Print E-mail

1,200m2 total areas of CTW Office at Bangkok Province, Thailand.

UHM Office PDF Print E-mail

at Bangkok Province, Thailand.

TEC Office PDF Print E-mail

3,500m2 total areas of TEC Office in Bangkok Province, Thailand.

UFM Bakery School PDF Print E-mail

900m2 of UFM Bakery School at Bangkok Province, Thailand.

K.Chuchart's House PDF Print E-mail

600m2 total areas of Khun Chuchart's House at Bangkok Province, Thailand.


Master planning of central park at Mandalay Town, Myuanmar.

THAI TEPAROS Plant PDF Print E-mail

Thai Teparos PCL 6,000m2 Plant at Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.

TIYAPIBOON Office Building PDF Print E-mail

6,000m2 at Bangkok Province, Thailand.


75,000m2 Commercial & Condominium at Sukhumvit 22, Bangkok Province, Thailand.


71,000m2 Commercial & Condominium at Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok Province, Thailand.


45,000m2 Commercial & Condominium at Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok Province, Thailand.

Indorama Administration Office PDF Print E-mail

Indorama Administration Office at Rayong Province, Thailand.

Sivayathorn Mansion Phase 1 @ Sukhumvit 31 PDF Print E-mail

7 Floors, 6 Units at Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok Province, Thailand.

Sivayathorn Mansion Phase 2 @ Sukhumvit 31 PDF Print E-mail

7 Floors, 10 Units mansion at Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok Province, Thailand.

Private House @ Trad PDF Print E-mail

BangYai Condominium PDF Print E-mail

8 Floors, 76 Units at Bang Yai, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand.


Resort with 22 recreation rooms, conference room, and restaurant at KhaoKhao, Petchaboon Province, Thailand.

IAN’S Residence PDF Print E-mail

Building Area 1,000 sqm. with 3 storey height (completion 2012) at Pattaya, Cholburi, Thailand.

TONLE SAP Community and Tourist Center PDF Print E-mail

Hotel, Resort, Shopping Center, RESTAURANT, Museam, Cultural Center, Community Suburbanile at Tonle Sap, Siam Reap, Cambodia.

DELI Plaza, Medan PDF Print E-mail

12,000 sqm  (Completion 1985) at Medan, North Sumartra, Indonesia.


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